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December 2016

15up Media

December 6 - Trump in Fayetteville today for #ABC. I'm wearing my lucky #KOIN6 jacket while I #makeuplinkinggreatagain. = [photo]

December 2 - Those are the beautiful Smoky Mountains behind me. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee today covering Wildfires for #NBCNEWS
  - [photo]

November 2016

November 30 - @15upMedia Sat Truck is in Ocoee, Tennessee for #NBC tonight covering the devastating tornadoes that hit this area. Photo credit to Frank Nester, who spotted me driving down the road. - [photo]

November 30 - @15upMedia Satellite Truck is in Charleston, SC this morning for NBC's #TodayShow, covering the Michael Slager Trial. Slager is the North Charleston Police Officer who is accused of shooting unarmed man, Walter Scott, in the back during a traffic stop. "You can get killed just for living in..." - [photo]

November 29 - Got home from St. Kitts early this morning, doing WWE Smackdown in Columbia, SC tonight. Check out all the action on USA Network. = [photo]

November 23 - Spending the day before Thanksgiving working with #FoxandFriends in Wilmington, NC. - [photo]

November 20 - @15upMedia is kicking off our basketball coverage season today in Charlottesville, Virginia as #8 UVA takes on Yale. The contest is airing on ESPN 3. Should be a good one, folks. - [photo]

November 14 - @15upMedia is live for #MLBNetwork from NC State's Doak Field this evening with Washington Nationals Rookie of the Year Candidate, Trea Turner. - [photo]

November 8 - The sign behind me says it all. Spending Election Eve 2016 with #CNN in Charlotte, NC. - [photo]

Covering MatthewNovember 5 - "And down the stretch they come!!!" With just a few days left until Election Day, I'm hanging with the voters of Charlotte, NC this chilly morning. Please check out our coverage throughout the day on #CNN. Oh, and, Happy Breeders Cup Day - [photo]

November 4 - @15upMedia Sat Truck is at Fayetteville State University, home of the Broncos, where we will provide the Network Pool Feed of President Obama's visit this afternoon. - [photo]

November 3 - Thousands stream past the 15up Media Sat Truck as they stand in line to enter a Hillary Clinton rally today in Raleigh, NC. - [photo]

November 2 - @15upMedia is wired and ready to go for President Obama's visit to UNC Chapel Hill. "People get ready, you don't need no ticket. People get ready..." - [photo]

November 1 - UNC getting ready for a visit from the Commander In Chief tomorrow. 15up Media is proudly providing the Network Pool Feed of the event. - [photo]

October 2016

October 28 - Today's selfie comes from beautiful Roanoke, Virginia where I am in town for #FOXNEWS. Don't let the facial expression fool you - I'm smiling, big :) - [photo]

FloodingOctober 27 - In Winston-Salem, NC today waiting on FLOTUS and soon-to-be POTUS for #CBS and #ABC - [photo]

October 26 - Any guesses as to what I'm covering today?? In Kinston, NC for #ABC and #CBS. - [photo]

October 24 - It couldn't be a more beautiful day in Salisbury, NC as @15upMedia is on hand for #FOXNEWS to do a one-on-one interview with Governor Mike Pence. - [photo]

October 23 - 15up Media Triple Path HD Sat Truck providing transmission of Hillary Clinton's visit to Charlotte for the 5 Network Pool today. - [photo]

October 21 - @15upMedia is in Fletcher, NC today providing the transmission for the 5 Network Pool of Donald Trump's visit. - [photo]

October 12 - The Eastern NC town of Grifton is facing major flooding problems this afternoon. @15upMedia is on hand for #CBSNEWS. - [photo]

October 11 - A look from inside one of the many collapsed roads in Fayetteville, NC in the wake of #HURRICANEMATTHEW. @15upMedia is on hand for #CBSEVENINGNEWS. Please check out our 6:30 live shot on your local #CBS Station. - [photo]

October 10 - Gas stations have reopened in Lumberton, NC and the line is easily 50 cars long. #HURRICANEMATTHEW - [photo]

truck atOctober 10 - The other day I was wearing shorts and today I'm wearing a winter coat. Unreal. Live in Fayetteville, NC with #CBSTHISMORNING on the destruction left by #HURRICANEMATTHEW - [photo]

October 8 - After 16 hrs of driving from Jacksonville, I've made it to Charleston, SC. Driving through standing water is not recommended. - [photo]

October 8 - STILL -Be extremely careful on I-95 North in SC. You have to drive on the shoulder. Trees all over the place. - [photo]

October 8 - I-95 North @ mm 13 right now. Nowhere to go, no help in sight.- [photo]

October 7 - @15upMedia HD SNG Truck taking care of business with #CBSNEWS in Atlantic Beach, Florida for coverage of #HURRICANEMATTHEW. Our 6:30 #CBSEVENINGNEWS live shot is definitely worth checking out.- [photo]

FloodingOctober 6 - @15upMedia in a very quiet Charleston, SC this morning preparing for Hurricane Matthew with #CBSNEWS. Please check us out @ 7:08am on #CBSTHISMORNING.- [photo]

September 2016

September 30 - @15upMedia is live for #NBC #TODAYSHOW this morning in Raleigh, NC for a piece on train safety. Please check us out at 7:30am on your local NBC Station. - [photo]

September 29 - @15upMedia in a very quiet Charleston, SC this morning preparing for Hurricane Matthew with #CBSNEWS. Please check us out @ 7:08am on #CBSTHISMORNING.

Setpember 27 - Hillary Clinton's first post debate stop - Raleigh, NC. 15up Media HD Sat Truck on hand for #NBCNEWS today. - [photo]

September 25 - Game day in Charlotte, NC. @15upMedia covering the Panthers/Vikings game today. - [photo]

September 24 - It couldn't be any prettier of a day in Roanoke, Virginia as the @15upMedia HD Sat Truck is on hand to cover Donald Trump's visit for #NBCNEWS. - [photo]

truckSeptember 23 - Thanks for the calls and texts everyone. This is me on Day 2 of covering the unrest in Charlotte for #CBS. Alive and well :). Please check out our shot this morning on CBS This Morning and stay tuned for continuing coverage throughout the day on your local CBS Station. [photo]

September 21 - In Charlotte today covering the Officer Involved Shooting Death of #KeithLamontScott for #CBS. - [photo]

September 16 - In Greensboro, NC for NBC today as Hillary Clinton gets back on the campaign trail after her bout with pneumonia. - [photo]

September 8 - 15up Media's CBS Evening News live shot airing on Charlotte's #WBTV on 9.8.16. - [photo]

September 6 - Here's our CBS Evening News live shot tonight airing side by side in both the Raleigh (#WNCN) and Greenville (#WNCT) markets.. [photo]

September 6 - 15up Media is in Greenville, NC today covering Donald Trump for CBS and ABC. Be sure to check us out on CBS Evening News and ABC World News Tonight. [photo]

September 3 - Report from NBC's Sarah Rosario for the Weather Channel. Transmission provided by the 15upMedia HD Sat Truck. Weather Channel Report Video

September 2 - Live tonight for CBS EVENING NEWS on South Battery St in Charleston, SC covering Tropical Storm Hermine. It is very very windy here. Check out our shot tonight at 6:30 on your local CBS Station. [photo]

August 2016Summer

August 31 - Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC) - 13 hrs · Massive gratitude must go out to community partner 15up Media for their instrumental support. We can holler all we want that we get well then get better than well, but that only goes so far without media coverage. #RecoveryAlly, #GameChanger, #NCRecoveryMovement, #CAR4R16 [link]

August 31 - This is what I look like when I'm covering a hurricane. In Cedar Key, Florida this morning for NBC Newschannel. = [photo]

August 28 - I hired a truck assistant to help me with the Panthers/Patriots game today in Charlotte, NC. "I come from down in the valley, where mister when you're young. They bring you up to do, like your daddy done..." - [photo]

August 24 - 15up Media is in Wilmington, NC today doing a one on one interview with Vice Presidential Candidate Gov Mike Pence for Fox News. Check us out at 9pm tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. - [photo]

August 9 - @15upMedia HD Sat Truck is currently putting up 3 paths from the Realdonadtrump Rally in Fayetteville, NC for CBS, ABC and NBC - including the 5 Nnetwork Transmission Pool. - [photo]

August 5 - The 15up Media Sat Truck in action at the ‪#‎CRWS‬ for Fox Sports 2 and - [photo]

July 2016

July 23 - Doing a live show for Sky News London tomorrow morning from Philadelphia's Betsy Ross House. "I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt. I was unrecognizable to myself. I saw my reflection in a window, I didn't know my own face. Brother, are you gonna leave me wastin' away..." - [photo]

July 14 - The 15up Media Triple Path MPEG 4 HD Satellite Truck is on location tonight for #‎FoxNews with a live guest on #‎Hannity. Please tune in at 10:45pm for our shot! To book us for your next remote, call anytime at 919-608-9922 and dont forget to check us out at - [photo]

July 13 - Doing God's work today. Literally. Providing transmission for a service at Simon Temple AME Church in Fayetteville, NC. - [photo]

July 10 -  Spending Sunday afternoon working to get the truck ready for the next big one. Is your truck tied up in Cleveland or Dallas this week?? Please keep us in mind for any Sat Truck needs that may pop up. We are available and ready to roll ANYWHERE on a moments notice. Call 919-608-9922 to book! - [photo]

July 5 - In Charlotte covering Obama/Clinton for NBC Newschannel. Yes, that's sweat. - [photo]

June 2016 Jason and the kids

June 27 - Live TV is fun. Standing in the pouring rain in White Sulphur Springs, WV covering flooding with NBC. - [photo]

June 22 - Today 15up Media celebrates our 100th job, providing transmission for the 5 Network Pool of Hillary Clinton's visit to our hometown, Raleigh, NC - [photo]  

June 15 - Now Bruce and I have both been live at Atlanta's Fox Theater. From the 18th song played here on 9.30.78, "Laying here in the dark. You're like an angel on my chest. Just another tramp of hearts. Crying tears of faithlessness..." - [photo]

June 14 - 15up Media MPEG 4 HD Sat Truck parked outside Greensboro Coliseum today covering a Donald Trump rally for CBS. - [photo]

May 2016

May 26 - Live shots this morning from Six Flags, Atlanta, Georgia. - [photo]

May 25 - Racecars as far as the eye can see. 15up Media doing liveshots this morning from Penske Racing, Mooresville, NC. [photo]

May 9 - 15up Media Sat Truck in Ladson, SC for Major League Baseball today interviewing Cal Ripken. - [photo

April 2016Control room

April 29 - Early morning in Virginia Beach working for my old friends, Path1 Communications. We are covering Arbor Day. Yes, Arbor Day. - [photo]

April 21 - Today, the 15up Media Satellite Truck spent the morning with the 4th Grade students at Fuller Elementary as part of their Science Enrichment Day. We learned all about how we communicate with satellites in space. #wcpss. - [photo]

April 11 - 15up Media is pleased to announce that our MPEG 4, HD Satellite Truck is now Triple Path using matching Adtec EN-81 Encoders.  Thank you to all of our clients for receiving us so graciously and giving us the support that enabled us to make this expansion happen.

April 7 - Triple Path live transmission with CNBC today and tomorrow from Ft. Mill, SC. Please tune in as we do a live 3 hour show from 6-9am Friday morning. - [photo]

April 3 - Early Sunday morning at the North Carolina State Capitol covering HB2 with CNN. - [photo]

March 2016


March 14 - Trump protestors setting up camp about 5 feet from the truck this morning in Hickory, NC. - [photo]

March 10 - Today, it's the Democrats' turn to hang out with 15up Media. Hillary Clinton live in Durham, NC for NBC. - [photo]

March 5 - All set and ready in Davidson, NC for our last regular season basketball game of the year. A big thank you to Liberty Uplink, Inc., @NomadicCommunications and @ESPN for sending us a bunch of games in just our first year in business. I'm looking forward to a long, prosperous relationship with all of you!!. - [photo]

February 2016

February 24 - Covering tornadoes in Waverley, Virginia for NBC News. This town was struck earlier today and a second warning has just been issued. - [photo]

February 18 - Hmmmmmm, are the pics on the left a sign of things to come?? Covering Donald Trump in Kiawah Island, SC today for the 5 Network Pool. - [photo]

February 18 - Hey, that's NBC's Katy Tur getting the 15up Media Truck some air time. Thanks Katy!! - [photo]

February 11 - It has been a long standing dream of mine to do a live shot at #Carrabba's. Thank you #NBC and Gov John Kasich. - [photo]

February 5  - We're working for NBC today but we made a cameo on CNN. See us?? In Florence, SC covering Trump. - [photo]

January 2016

JanuaryJanuary 31 - A beautiful 60 degree day and yet we are parked by a 6 foot high pile of snow. In Fairfax, VA today for George Mason Basketball. - [photo]

January 24 - Working the NFC Championship game, Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. - [photo]

January 20 - ESPN calls me at 6:40pm for a 7:00pm Carolina Basketball game at the Dean Dome because their fiber went down. I raced from Raleigh to Chapel Hill and had them on the air by 7:30pm. - [photo]

January 14 - Donald Trump is seriously entertaining. Doing a 3 path focus group for #FOX tonight from Charleston, SC. See what our group of 30 thinks at 11pm, live on #TheKellyFile. [photo]

January 14 - This is Kim with the housekeeping staff at the Crown Plaza North Charleston. After watching me park the truck twice in spots that I couldn't see the satellite, she comes up to the truck and informs me of a spot where I could see it. Not sure how, or why, she knew where the satellites were, but she did and her spot works great. Thanks Kim! [photo]

January 4 - Getting ready to go live on #FOX with Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina. [photo]

January 3 - In Washington DC today doing game transmission for George Washington University Basketball. Game will air on NBCSN at 7pm. [photo]