Welcome to 15up Media

September 3, 2016  - Report from NBC's Sarah Rosario for the Weather Channel. Transmission provided by the 15upMedia HD Sat Truck

15up Media, LLC, based in Raleigh, NC,  is proud to present our TRIPLE PATH, Fully Redundant, KU Band, HD/SD Satellite Truck.  Built by Accelerated Media Technologies of Auburn, MA, the 15up Media Satellite Truck features the latest in HD MPEG 4 and MPEG 2 technology.

15up Media came to life in  October 2014 after it's ownership spent several successful years operating Carolina Uplink, Inc. Our primary client base includes all major news and sports networks as well as corporate clients from all over the globe.

The 15up Media team has many years of hands-on experience transmitting, producing and packaging all formats of broadcast and corporate television.  Based in Raleigh, NC, we travel ANYWHERE for ANYTHING, with competitive package pricing and multi-day rates.  Put 15up Media's experience to work for you!

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